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About mod:

Auto Repair keeps Your Vehicle healty.

  • Repairs your vehicle automaticly when it has damage
  • Repaint your vehicle automaticly when it has worn out
  • Clean your vehicle automaticly when it got dirty.

How to use:

  • When you place this mod in your fs22 mods folder, only auto repair is on by default
  • Press Left Alt + r key to acces the menu
  • Change the time interval when vehicles/tools needs to be checked
  • Activate/deactivate auto repair
  • Change at what damage percent a vehicle/tool get repaired
  • Activate/deactivate auto repaint
  • Change at what wear percent a vehicle/tool get repainted
  • Activate/deactivate auto clean
  • Change at what dirt percent a vehicle get cleaned

* Added English (en) translation file
* Added German (de) translation file
* Added French (fr) translation file
* Added Dutch (nl) translation file
* Added popup message when trying to enter menu when you are not an admin (only multiplayer)
* Added option to Activate/deactivate repair/repaint/clean for every farm separately (only multiplayer)


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