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About mod:


Bug fixes:
* Course generator: Problem with disconnected curves #63
* Course generator: Problems with one-way streets #65
* Helper HUD: wrong display of filltypes when switching vehicles #80
* Waypoints are created too far behind the vehicle when driving backward #90
* Single digit target names caused errors #106
* LUA error when transporting big bags #114
* Unloader do not take care about the trailer when driving backwards #129
* Harvester was not recognized by the AD unloader if a non-admin controlled it #134
* Display AD target marker on minimap #135
* Vehicles calculate the route from the current waypoint instead of searching for a new one from the destination #143
* AD lines are no longer displayed by right-clicking the edit button #167
* Position of AD-HUD was not saved or not loaded at restart #167
* Changing target points by key combination is not alphanumeric #168
* Loading areas on vehicles are not recognized as unloading points of harvesters #180
* Change of load by key combination is not alphanumeric #191
* When a vehicle was sent to be repaired, it wanted to drive again afterwards to be repaired
* Debug map markers were not synced, which was an error source for new created targets

* AD has received a new logo (thanks to FinalsFarming)
* The HUD and the buttons got a new design (thanks to Daensky)

* Icons in notifications are centered and displayed larger, unused ones have been removed
* Cleaned up code and removed unused functions and classes
* Crop edge detection improved for harvester unloader (pursuit is stopped beforehand to leave more space for the turning maneuvers of the vehicles)
* AD sends an event when it has parked a vehicle (interface for other mods)
* Forage harvester unloader now has precalculated turning maneuvers to work with less space (currently only 180° turns implemented)

* AD starts driving even before automatic folding of attachments is completed #96
* Attachment folding feature improved #131


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