Bates Cass County USA Map v 8.0

FS17 mods

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About mod:
Version 8.0:
* Made most of the fields don't have crops, still buyable
* Added wool factory, DogFood station, dog, store, (carrefour) for decoration
* Added hotel and donut shop.
* Fixed the cotton bale trigger on ramp, ramp only take cotton bales, price for bales are about $7000.00 each
* Moved loose cotton trigger to in front of office building
* Changed the field behind farm from cotton to alfalfa (If you play without season mod the alfalfa and clover regrows like grass)
* Added strawPellets and hayPellets to storage areas
* DogFeed to Feed storage that's over by the Bio food plant
* Included the mod CropMowing so you can mow crops and alfalfa and clover with mower
* Alfalfa and clover if harvest by combine than you have seed and that can be stored or sold.
* When you are baling cotton it doesn't register the cotton bales right
* Change name of dairy farm to Brahma farm
* Added the mod FlieglDPW180_Vaszics_pack so you can haul cooking oil, washed and steam potatoes, and washed peanuts.