Bergsee Map v 1.0

FS17 mods

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About mod:
- 27 fields from 1.13 to 19 ha
- Meadows with about 9.5 ha at the farm
- FS 17 standard cultures
- Large yard with animals, storage and machine parking
- Living village
- Gold nuggets
- Pig trader, cow dealer and shepherd searat
- Productions: Bakery, Brewery, Coke, Greenhouses, Barrel Factory, Sawmill, Pallet Factory, Charcoal, Cardboard, Dairy, Pasta, Rum, Whiskey, Seeds, Fertilizer, Soy Milk, Weaving, Sugar Mill, Compost, Biogas
- Sale : Edeka, garden center, grain trade, spinning mill, sawmill, straw, manure, grass, manure, biogas