Bettingen Map v

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About mod:
- 4th places for Yards
- 3 points of sale for cereals / silage
- 1 Sawmill
- 1 Woodchips
- 1 Dairy
- 1 Shop
- 1 Weaving Mill
- About 32 Fields plus a few Meadows to buy
- 3 Woods
- 1 BGA (there are 6 places at the BGA to buy, so everyone can place a silo and the BGA Optimal use)


3 thoughts on “Bettingen Map v

  • Heavygamer70 says:
    2018-12-02 at 15:12

    Not even one tractor or something else, just nothing. Great map, what should we do here? CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT?????

  • Joris Dubbeldam says:
    2018-12-04 at 18:38

    Very nice map, i like the numbers of spots where you can build multiple farms, not just one, so you can play with friends. There is only one problem though, i cannot find any water anywhere, maybe you could at it or when there is a spot to get is tell me and put it in ur description. Awesome map for farm manager, not that big of a map i like that.

  • Joris says:
    2018-12-04 at 18:39

    Nice map good for farm manager, multiple spots to make farms. not very big i like that. cheap fields. Only thing i can not find any water. pls tell me where to find or add it pls.

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