Big Bud 950/50 v 2.0

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About mod:
Base model is the Big Bud 525/50 and what is restored and rebuilt in the 2000's by Big Equipment Company. In 2016/2017 a cat 3508 engine was installed and delivered up to 1200 hp. In order to save fuel and to save the transmission, the engine is throttled to 950 hp. Auto stear is thus installed on the tractor. The current location is Texas, along with the Big Bud 747, is one of the most powerful tractors ever built in the world.

Giants, Danjelmc

2 thoughts on “Big Bud 950/50 v 2.0

  • Phoenix says:
    2018-11-23 at 16:05

    I dont know whats causing it but this machine loses its way in turns, going back into previously plowed, ,cultivated or planted areas.. Off to the trashcan with this one!

    • poland can into space says:
      2019-01-18 at 19:00

      ….off to the trash can with you..!*

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