Big Fields Farm Map v

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About mod:
- Fields large enough to share with your friends
- 29 Fields from 0.390 ha to 66.813 ha
- Fields can be combined into 8 large Fields with a plow
- Added to Landscape Paint: more Textures, also bushes, flowers and weeds
- Lots of mature trees to harvest around map
- Railroad loop bordering map with 2 silos and 2 selling points
- Train layout: Diesel Loco with 2 Grain, 2 Sugarbeet and 2 Woodchips Cars
- All train cars can hold grain and woodchips cars hold root crops
- Helper friendly layout
- Best to run a headland cut along paved roads before hiring helper
- All livestock pens are already installed at farm
- 5 Water stations, at the green hoses on wall
- Large transport missions (minimum 4 pallets per mission)
- Field work missions available on all Fields
- Vacant lots for sale near your farm for expansion
- All land near paved roads is level, good for placeables
- Traffic on all the paved roads
- Pedestrians walking around town
- Parked Cars

* Removed Trees at Field Corners
* Added increased Fill Type Support
* Cleared Main Farm Area at Higher Difficulty Levels
* Changed Starting Crops
* Changed Starting Vehicles
* Reduced Memory Usage


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