Big in Papenburg Map v 1.05

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About mod:
- 1600 Hectares large of which: 919021 Hectares of Meadows and Arable Land (Fields and Meadows) 95 Plus a lot of Forest (about 200000 Trees) and other useful Land and fallow Land (total Land Area 111)
- Several Places to set up or place Dairy, Arable or other Farm or Production Buildings
- Dump Height Maximum 5 meters (standard 4 meters) all Fruit Varieties are planable
- Swath Sizes or Heights greatly reduced. On the Yield (to Standard) nothing changes, unless You do not fertilize
- Crops: All Standard + Rye, Triticale, Spelt, Alfalfa, Clover, Carrots, Onions, Elephant Grass, Horse Grass and Field Grass
- Sugarcane and Cotton have been removed
- Corn Plus + Addons Grass + Corn + Alfalfa + Clover Silage
- Large Horse Stud with possibility of Expansion
- Large Double BGA with 4 Silos
- Seasons ready
- Corn Plus + Addons CCM + Forage + Horse Addon ready
- Manure System ready (needed in places)
- Precision Farming ready
- Guidance Stearing ready
- Global Company ready
- CoursePlay support

Version 1.05:
* When the Game "New Farmer" Starts, the Pig Farm and the Horse Stud including Land are available


One thought on “Big in Papenburg Map v 1.05

  • Ralf says:
    2021-10-12 at 10:17

    Kuhstall nicht da bga nicht da

    sie ladet nicht alles…

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