Big River X16 Map v BETA

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About mod:

– 5 large construction areas
– Large BGA with 3 large silos
– 2 gas stations
– 3 lime stations
– 10 sales points (+2 stone sales points)
– 11 Productions (the area where the buildings are located are yours once you buy a factory)
– Lime sellable (in the modhub there is a mod to make lime from stones)
– Fertilizer/Seed sellable(there is a mod for seed and fertilizer production from FedAction)
– Mixed ration/fodder sellable
– Grass/hay/straw/silage can be sold as bales or with a trailer
– Growth made faster for those playing without Seasons
– large 16 mio multisilo


3 thoughts on “Big River X16 Map v BETA

  • Gacus84 says:
    2022-01-03 at 19:03

    Super thanks

  • Gacus84 says:
    2022-01-03 at 21:22

    I praised you, I played an hour and now it’s loading 26% and it crashes to the desktop

  • Gacus84 says:
    2022-01-04 at 08:43

    you can’t see what’s growing in the fields, it doesn’t have this animation, it writes for a long time and without antivirus it will not start this map and it is with ,,,,,, and

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