BIZON Z056 V4.0

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About mod:

Have you detected any errors or shortcomings? Write to me and I will correct them. 😉

Bizon, Heder, Cart, Corn Pzystawka and Rapeseed Table are in one zip file.

Just download this file and put it into mods.

Bizon Z056 harvester

Configurations in the store:

– Main color
– Wheel settings
– Border Color
– Axis Color
– Cabins (Stefa Kierowcy)
– Color of the Klima Grid
– Visor apron (Removable)
– Color of Visor
– Type of thresher
– Apron Type (2 Types)
– Color of the Chaff Cutter
– Shredder Spreader (3 Types)
– Warning stickers
– Additional Cooler
– Radiator covers
– Color of the covers
– Tank sticker
– Thresher stickers
– Additional Stickers
– Front stickers
– Back sticker
– PGR numbers
– Stripes stickers
– Working lights
– Lower side covers
– Side flaps
– Engine hatch
– Rank 5056
– Fire extinguishers
– Warning Triangle (Items Can Be Selected)
– Straw Gullet

What does it have:
– Vibrations
– Openable flaps on the approach key r
– Open the door key r
– Closed stairs key r
– Distribution of the forage harvester on the approach – x key
– Passenger mod
– Removable / put on covers
– You can get up (better view)
– Movable pulleys
– Real lights (they all work)
– Real driving speed
– Movable axis
– Bending tires

– Illuminated clocks
– New nice sounds
– Multicolor
– Clean log
– Weight 75.7 MB

Header Z056

Configurations in the store:
– Multicolor
– Crop dividers (there are 2 types appear after starting work)
– Removable covers

What does it have:
– Movable knives
– Removing the motowideÅ‚
– Real Rotation of MotowideÅ‚

Trolley Z056
– Multicolor

Corn attachment Z056
– Multicolor

Rapeseed table Z056
– Multicolor
– Attached to the header

Model Author: Giants Software
Edit: Grzesiek0120

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