Bredow Map v 1.1

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About mod:
Bredow is in Brandenburg, Germany, more precisely in the Havelland. The Map includes Fields and Meadows from under one Hectare to up to 55 Hectares

- Complete Place Bredow with Surroundings
- Small Yard for Field Management and Forestry
- A true to the Original Replica of the Machine Hall and the Shelter of the Yard
- External Court with adjacent Construction Area for expansion
- Animated Gates at many entryways and the Machine Hall
- 8 Unloading Stations including Woodsales and Biogas Plant
- Refill Stations for Seeds/Fertilizers/Phytosanitary Products and Lime Directly at the Shop
- A River, Ponds and a Hydrant to get Water
- 39 small and big Field and Meadows
- Several Forest Areas
- Wood Sale with a big Crane
- Rye and Hops as New Types of Fruit
- The 3 Original Silos now include Expansions for Rye and Hops
- Independent Purchase of Fermentation Residues at the Biogas Plant
- Several Transport Missions with 8 Different Stations
- 5 Construction Areas for the Expansion of Your own Yard or for the Multiplayer Mod

Version 1.1:
* Enlarged Spawn Area at the Shop (some Missions didn’t work)
* Floating Trees have been removed
* Lantern at the Courtyard Entrance moved
* Improved Hall Collisions, improved for better Performance
* Seasons ready
* Straw Harvest add-on ready
* Precision Farming ready
* Manure System ready
* Grass now also grows when You draw
* Silo Fill Types improved


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