Broad Acres 16x Australian Map v 1.1

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About mod:
Broad Acres is a fictional Map based around Australia. Australia is known for is vast open places and large Broad Acre cropping. The FS17 map was designed to replicate this to some extent and give players the opportunity to play large fields with large equipment and even bigger demands. The map is based around a family living on a large scaled farm named Broad Acres. The father who resides in the north/western corner is slowing down so he looks after the animals and the BGA. The son on the other hand is trying to prove his worth. He has the responsibility of taking control of the all the cropping aspects of the farm. The son must prove that he can run the farm and make money to make sure he inherits the farm.


4 thoughts on “Broad Acres 16x Australian Map v 1.1

  • Broad Acres says:
    2017-10-30 at 04:02

    This is fake version not uploaded by Broad Acres. For the correct versions please visit our face book page and download the supported versions.


    • BlackThumb says:
      2017-10-31 at 07:07

      No use trying their FB page as you need to be ‘invited’ to the group.

      My invite has been ‘sitting’ on their FB group page now for over 1 week, so good luck with trying to dl this map.

      Also, it was NOT modded by Aussies, but rather a French team……..

      • Broad Acres says:
        2017-11-24 at 20:09

        Never seen an invite under this name. All invites are accepted daily so not sure how you are trying to to get accepted into group. P.S. the creator is Australian (me). One of our testers is French and is very good at what he does. Please get facts correct. Thanks.

    • Jason moyle says:
      2017-11-03 at 02:24

      Broad Acres. I have sent a requestion to join the facebook page, please respond to it.

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