Broxton Map v 4.0

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About mod:
Version 4.0:
* Different starter fields and equipment depending on difficulty level chosen.
* 32/64 multidirectional field furrows.
* Added small starter farmyard area, amended some field sizes & added more removable hedges for those who like to start small and expand their farm.
* New Improved removable hedges - they now contain other objects such as barbed wire, bushes & trees. Just look for the cuttable tree or post within the hedge and cut it with chainsaw.
* Purchasable farms. Now you must buy the plot to remove the for sale signs (farms owned vary accordng to difficulty level).
* Seeds & fertilizer no longer purchasable on the farms - can be bought directly at shops and stored in the farm silos.
* Fuel must be bought at gas station - can be stored on the farm using fuel tank trailer.
* Added Brussel Sprouts & Broad Beans - for storage in heaps only. Uses combine type cutters.
* Added Chopped straw function for Brussels & Broad Beans. No straw for these two crops, but chopped vegetation will be emitted if the mod is present. This can be ploughed/cultivated back in as fertilizer.
* Repaired some faulty/missing fences & faulty crop textures.
* Improved some areas for placeable objects.
* NPC farmers will now use all additional crops.
* Still fully compatible with Seasons mod, Improved snowmask and water planes. Some water levels vary by season, be careful crossing the brook ford in Winter, you might get stuck.
* Added more trees, grass & decoration.


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