Bucher TRL 2600 Pack v

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About mod:
The Pack consist of:
- Bucher TRL 2600D Truck
- Bucher TRL 2600DD Truck
- Bucher Dump Trailer
- Bucher Platform Trailer
- Bucher C25F Mower
- Bucher CLB 200 Leveler

* Zip and Modname changed to FS17 Bucher TRL 2600 Pack (old Bucher mod can be deleted)
* E-booker removed from the pack
* Bucher Pack now has its own category in the shop (Bucher TRL2600 Pack)
* Extended color palette and changed default color to red as in the shop pictures
* New shop pictures
* Prices slightly adjusted
* Breaking reduced slightly
* Indoor Hud, fuel gauge renewed
* Added new variant of Bucher: Bucher TRL2600DD with dump for bulk solids
* Matching trailer for the Bucher with trough
* Front mower for the new Bucher variant
* Slide plate added
* Both versions can be equipped with a front linkage in the shop or workshop (only devices from the Bucherpack are supported)
* Passenger built for multiplayer
* Hard top (cab) configurations extended, the following choices are available: no hardtop, with HardTop, with HardTop + Rul
* Twin tires at the back like the original from Bucher, configurable in the shop

Farmer Andy, Ifkonator

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