Bunker Silo Pack v 1.0

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About mod:

In this Pack there is a bunker silo with a capacity of 500,000 liters. It can be placed directly next to each other and expanded using the snapping function.

There are two walls and a ramp that can be placed against the silo to close it on one side.

In addition, an area in front of the silo can be blocked for tipping with the tipping-free area, so that nothing falls out of the silo during compaction. Use the water gutter as an aid when placing, so that the area can be placed exactly. The dirt marks this area and must face outwards.

If there are any problems with the placement, please switch to the free mode.

The ground is painted as concrete and the terrain will be adjusted.

Bunker silo (10m x 24m)
– Price: 20,000€
– Maintenance: 25€ per day
– Slots: 5

Ramp (10m x 24m)
– Price: 20,000€
– Maintenance: 5€ per day
– Slots: 7

Wall (8m x 2m / 10m x 10m)
– Price: 5,000€ / 10,000€
– Maintenance: 2€ / 5€ per day
– Slots: 2 / 4

Tipping-free area (10m x 4m)
– Price: 1,000€
– Maintenance: 2€ per day
– Slots: 1


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