California Central Valley Map v 3.0

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About mod:
Version 3.0:
* Added new Courtyards
* Added new Buildings


3 thoughts on “California Central Valley Map v 3.0

  • Klei_Mouka says:
    2018-06-29 at 08:25

    I see you have taken 3d modles from American Truck Simulator and textures will try the map tho you need to provide where you got the 3d textures mate give credit at least

  • adam says:
    2018-06-29 at 18:23

    You want miracules with people actually giving the right credits you must be joiking

  • Turner says:
    2018-07-28 at 01:35

    There is an invisible “wall” in the main area. It’s by the shed that has all the bags of “seeds” and other stuff in there. Random invisible objects along the road. The area on the map where it says the Cow, Chicken, Pig area is is not there. Could use some fertilizer stuff at the main area as well since I couldn’t find it. Would be nice to know which fields you start with but figured it was the fields around the main area. Great map just needs some more work done to make it enjoyable.

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