Canadian National Map v 1.1

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About mod:
New: completed decoration, streets lights to all road, log loading areas completed, power station (new sale location for wood chips), power lines and many corrections around the map.


4 thoughts on “Canadian National Map v 1.1

  • rob says:
    2016-11-06 at 12:28

    This map has great potential…………… My problem with it at the min is the amount of lag on the map ( no it’s not my comp as that is a beast lol ) and the other thing there is no farm house………….. The dock yard is very nice btw….. Look forward to an updated version………..

  • Don says:
    2016-11-06 at 17:31

    The only issue I have is the same thing Rob said above , and that is the massive lag around the timber and train depot. Other than that, I love the map layout. Hope you can please update soon So we can use more. Thanks

    • Brian James says:
      2016-11-16 at 04:43

      Get rid of the trees guys, lag will back off then

  • Brian James says:
    2016-11-14 at 08:34

    I am enjoying the map very much, love the wide open spaces and all that grass…BUT!!< Could you tell me how to get my stuff out of the "Hay loft" please

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