Canadian Ultimate Map v 10.0

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About mod:
Version 10.0:
* Field 6 removed


5 thoughts on “Canadian Ultimate Map v 10.0

  • Robert says:
    2018-03-31 at 11:59

    This needs to be checked, because when I start the map I’m getting on the right side of the screen a large list of missing xml files.

  • Michael says:
    2018-03-31 at 14:49

    @ Robert – Just a thought – is there a bunch of stuff tucked away inside the folder?

  • Robert says:
    2018-03-31 at 15:41

    When I unzip the file; it contains – the map itself, 9 jpeg pictures, a file and a file.

  • Michael says:
    2018-04-27 at 16:07

    @ Robert – I’m looking into this. I think that whoever uploaded it did a bad job…I know there’s a couple of issues, like the stop clock screen freeze when you take a mission, …keep looking!

  • Max says:
    2018-05-14 at 20:35

    cool map

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