Chamberg Valley Map v

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About mod:

* 3 New Factories were added: Bakery and Confectionery, Tomato Juice, which You will have to place
* Fixed the Texture of the Oats in the phase after harvest with the Destruction of Crops
* Fixed the Bug in the Cultivation of Spelled, which made it possible to harvest in the third Stage of Growth
* Improved Collisions on Various Products and Factory Pallets
* Adjusted the Radius of the Farm Silo
* Modified the Texture of the Manchego Cheese
* Adjusted the Exit Direction of Wool Pallets in the Sheep Corral
* Adjusted the Manure and Straw Triggers in the Sheep Corral
* New Pallets available in the Store to transport Cheese, Tomato Juice, Bread and Donuts
* Adjusted the Collisions and the Weight of the Pallet to transport Oil Bottles
* Adjusted the Collisions of the Masters Machines
* The Sticks and the Cans of Natural Water necessary for the Bakery and Confectionery You will find them in the Store
* Modified Map Icon
* Adjusted the Masses of all Production Products
* Added Chip Store as Placeable
* Hud Images of some Factories have been modified and adjusted
* Adjusted Collisions of all Objects to be able to grab with Tension Tapes
* Place Holders have been added to Store all Kinds of Round Bales

erShaba, Farming Agency

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