Chamberg Valley Map v

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About mod:

* 2 zones of fruit trees added (requires New Game)
* New roads have been added at different points on the Map (requires New Game)
* Fixed the error that caused the workers not to detect some fields
* Added new vehicles and edited base game implements
* Now you can store the Straw and Hay Pellets (Mod StrawHarvest required)
* Adjusted the price of the Metal Cage and Stick Cage
* Removed water loading areas from the Map. Pool and Lake
* New products added to the points of sale
* Adjustments in streetlights of the Cheese Factory
* Adjustments in collisions of several buildings
* Sheep, Cow and Pig Enclosure can now be sold without problems
* Mixed Greenhouse added
* New Banana Yogurt and Fruit Juice Factories
* The green color of the information panels of the Masters has been changed to Black
* Adjusted the sale price of Compost
* The option to sell compost in the Biogas was added, as long as you own it
* Adjusted sale prices of some products
* Adjusted the productions of all the Masters
* The Weather has been retouched
* Other details and minor adjustments
* New adjustments to the Snow Mask on the Map and placeable factories
* Now you can buy a water tank in the store, which will be filled with the rain
* Now the amberca and the lake will be filled with water by the rain
* The Lake, the Pool and the Reservoir will show information on the amount of water they contain
* Fruit trees will show information on the amount of fruits they contain
* Now it will be necessary to Purify the water obtained from the Pool and the Lake
* The prices of the products that can be sold in the Biogas were adjusted
* Adjusted the collisions of some objects
* Bale warehouse placeholders have been improved
* Added 3 new areas of affordable land (Farmland)
* Different fruit trees were added to place
* Different boxes were added to transport and sell the fruits obtained from fruit trees
* New Factory added: Fruit Yogurt Production
* Refillable Diesel Barrel was added to refuel your vehicles
* Bio Diesel Barrel was added to use in factories
* New Plastic Box to transport the Fruit Yogurt Bottles
* Refillable Milk Jug was added
* Updated Collision Tip
* The Chambergo Chicken Coop will now have capacity for 300 specimens
* Warehouses for all kinds of products were added on the farm
* Now the Methanol will be purchased by Drums of 500 liters
* New store images of various products
* Added some custom horses


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