City from Vaszics Map v 2.0

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About mod:
Cannery (saladMix, coleslaw), Cake factory, Yogurt Factory, Refinery, Hmilk, Distillery, Sawmill, Sand, Sugar factory, Compost master, Mill, OilMills, Potato Center (washed potato, steamed potatoes), Reibekuchen, Soja, Weberei, Pallet Eggfarm, Greenhouses (strawberry, raspberry, redcurrants), Greenhouses1 (tomato, cauliflower, lettuce, pumpkin, melon), Cardboard, Dairy, Fish (caviar, live and frozen trout, fish meal) , Noodles, Juice, Backwaren, Whiskey, Fermenting Silo, Dryer, Forage Factory, PigFood factory

Airport, Bufalo Grill, Bale Storage, Building Market, Pub, City, City Grain, Farmshop, Fuel Sales, GrainMill, GrainTrans, Horse Stable, Manure Processing, Port of grainmill, PowerPlant, Shop1, Shop2, Shop3, Fruit1, Fruit2, Fruit3

Wheat, barley, rape, oat, hops, spelled, sugarBee, potato, onion, carrot, lettuce, grass_windrow, straw, dryGrass_windrow, chaff, silage, forage, pigFood, compost, woodChips, beer, hmilk, sugar, flour, cake, cherry, plum, juice, saladMix, yogurt, cabbage, redCabbage, cookingOil, coleslaw, reibekuchen, steamed Potato, washed potato, stoffrolleMK, empty pallet, egg, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrants, , yogurt1, condensedmilk, kefir, butter, kaviar, live and frozen trout, fish meal, noodless, tomato, cauliflower, lettuce, pumpkin, melon, backwaren, whiskey, potato chips

Number of fields 17:
Field 1-2-3-4 is owned by grass 1.
The faster the bouncing is helped by the tunnel system

Version 2.0:
* On the map, several major revisions were made


3 thoughts on “City from Vaszics Map v 2.0

  • Ranky says:
    2017-09-24 at 00:32

    hey we cant clean the cow area, playing on dedi server, Please help, Love the map

  • Vaszics says:
    2017-09-29 at 19:30

    Hi Ranky!
    I can only react now. I’ll see version 2.1 is coming up to the net soon.

  • rafał says:
    2017-11-07 at 17:30

    przy próbie kupna jakiegokolwoek kombajnu zawiesza się gra przy najnowszej akyualizacji

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