Claas Cougar 1400 v 1.0

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About mod:
Claas Cougar 1400 Mower
Working speed 25 km/h

Richwoodrocket, Geri-G, Checker507, Zeph

5 thoughts on “Claas Cougar 1400 v 1.0

  • Frode FS17 says:
    2017-01-12 at 02:49

    Imagine my dissapointment when i found out what poor work is behind this. The steering is backwards, no steering modes,and the textures looks like shit…

    I know it is a WIP, but i would like to think that modders have a bit more pride in their work than this. Hopefully, there will be an update pretty quick, or a better modder will take it over…

    I love this machine, so i find the poor quality sadening..

    • DTK_Beasty_L says:
      2017-01-12 at 23:58

      Do it yourself if you don’t like it.

  • Grammar FTW says:
    2017-01-13 at 17:19

    Complete absolute garbage, dont download it

  • a125478 says:
    2017-01-14 at 23:07

    méme si c pas bien fait respecter le travallle du modder

  • dacamp66 says:
    2017-02-01 at 05:51


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