Claas Xerion with Kaweco Double Twin Shift v 1.1.7

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About mod:
Claas Xerion of the current series 4000-5000
Kaweco Double Twin Shift
Claas Xerion front weight
Claas Xerion trailer weight (new at 1.1.7)

The Xerion has 3 engines to configure the 4000 with 419 hp the 4500 with 479 hp and the large 5000 with 520 hp
There are for him with 5 different wheel sets which are configurable in the shop
- 710/75 R42
- 800/70 R38
- 900/60 R42
- Twin Wheels with 2x710_75R42
- Twin Wheels with 900/60 R42 and 710/75 R42 outside

He also has the Xerion's typical features like the Crab-steering and one
Rotating cabin based on the new LS17 standard scripts.

What are the features or has been modified or adjusted
- XML Mostly Written
- The scripts are mostly on standard LS17 except for InteractiveControl, DoorOpener and fendt31xSeries in an editing variant
- BeifahrerV3 (New at 1.1.7)
- Door Opener
- DynamicHoseRef (New at 1.1.7)
- Feedback (new at 1.1.7)
- Fendt31xSeries
- InteractiveControl
- ShiftableMass
- Wipers (New at 1.1.7)
- Front axle
- New Dirt
- New sound with indoor sound changing at door opening
- LS17 Standard lighting
- Vehicle weight adjusted
- New engine power (real power new at 1.1.7)
- InteractiveControl
- Speed ​​counter
- Drivecontrol ads have been updated
- All-wheel steering for front only as well as dog run right and left
- RaFa for Cap (Rotating cab)
- Exhaust gases
- Warning panels when disappearing from the Kaweco manure cask
- Sound for doors animation
- CMATIC display has speed, tacho, fuel in analog and digital + clock
- CMATIC Display Sound
- CMATIC display adjusted, texture slightly changed new numbers in the display
- Purple sticks move along
- Stop indicator when the driver's door is open
- Indicator when the car is turning
- Door open from the outside
- InteractiveControl Doors, steering column, radio, air conditioning, sun protection, CMATIC display and the Claas S 10 terminal control
- The Xerion also appears in the mission menu
- Er works in Normal Helper, Follow Me Mod, GPS mod and also Courseplay
- BeifahrerV3 Mod installed for the MP (New at 1.1.7)
- DynamicHoseRef installed (hydraulic hoses also connect) (New at 1.1.7)
- Spring installed the seat and the cabin springs (new at 1.1.7)
- Wipers that the wipers turn on in the rain (New at 1.1.7)
- Textures adaptations e.g. Normalmaps inserted (new at 1.1.7)
- Window panes now on LS17 standard (new at 1.1.7)
- Flag selectable (New at 1.1.7)
- Anything that is superfluous or not supported by the LS17, has flown out.

The Claas Xerion front weight
- Weight on original 1800 kg
- Overload the script ShiftableMass with 4x 400 kg weights to 3400 kg highly.

The Claas Xerion trailer weight (new at 1.1.7)
- Weight based on 200 kg
- Over the script ShiftableMass with 8x 400 kg weights to 3400 kg highly loadable.

The Kaweco Double Twin Shift
- New Dirt Texture
- LS17 Standard lighting
- Vehicle weight adjusted
- Manifold intake manifold can be moved and extended
- The outer wheels can be moved with X and the working position
- Can be attached to all available manure cultivators.

Smety, Angelus

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