Cmelakov 2017 Map v 1.0.1 FINAL

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About mod:
Version 1.0.1 FINAL:
* Fixed problem with blurring texture of dirt in objects adjacent to the terrain
* Crops stored in a small or large farm are now added together and cropped
* You can only choose the silo where it is stored.
* Reduced slurry capacity in cows and in BGA to 800000 liters
* Repaired overlay of the silage pit on a small farm
* Chopped Straw texture density adjusted
* Modified collision of force on a small farm
* Edited tipCol on a small farm, savegame from tipColMap.grle
* The game will create a new one
* Purchase fields without missions
* Changed wagons on the train on a small circuit open to beet
* Changed wagons on the train on a large circuit
* A missing ramp on meadow no.36 was created
* Minor terrain repairs
* The ropes with ropes removed at the water tank
* Reduced power capacity: small farm 600000 liters
* Large farm 1200000 liters
* Transshipment 2400000 liters
* Adjusted production capacity and speed of production processes
* Repaired translations into CZ for cows on a small farm
* Grass or hay added as feed for cows in a small farm
* Support package and spoon when feeding a cow on a small farm
* The compass is reworked on the conveyor, you just have to drive it under it
* Replaced crop textures for more realistic
* A BGA digestate can also be used to produce a solid fertilizer
* Fencing around ZZN completed

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