Concrete Bunker U Pack v 1.1

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Concrete Bunker U Pack v 1.1 Concrete Bunker U Pack v 1.1 Concrete Bunker U Pack v 1.1

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About mod:

This large silo pack consists of 10 silos in different designs. Compound and concrete material.
Drive-through and wedge silos in various sizes and straight walls are included.
All silos with snap-on functionality.

!Read changelog and note before updating!

Drive-trough silo
Price: 70000 $
Maintenance costs: 10 $
Dimensions: 20x40m

Wedge silo 1
Price: 65000 $
Maintenance costs: 12$
Dimensions: 14x40m

Wedge silo 1 with catwalk
Price: 75000 $
Maintenance costs: 14 $
Dimensions: 14x40m

Wedge silo 2
Price: 85000 $
Maintenance costs: 16 $
Dimensions: 18x40m

Wedge silo 2 with catwalk
Price: 95000 $
Maintenance costs: 16 $
Dimensions: 18x40m


-removed all double silos. Not functional as intended in FS22
-ground collision fix
-silo area adjustments for CP compatibility, bunker silo mode

Important note:
If you plan to update, empty all double silos that are in use and sell them,
the double ones had to be removed due to missing possibility of defining more then one silo area
(not present anymore from basegame)


Kastor / d-s-agrarservice

Game version:

Farming Simulator 22

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How do I install Farming Simulator mods?
Find a mod that you like and want to download first. Then, on your PC, download a mod. Mods are typically format. However, it is sometimes in.rar format. If the mod file is format, no additional actions are required. If a file is in.rar format, you must unarchive it using software such as WinRar or Zip7. Windows 10 users do not need to use archive software; Win10 includes an unarchive feature.

The next step is to locate the mods folder on your computer. It is typically found in Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator [Your FS game version, e.g. 2022]. Open the "mods" folder and place the archive or unarchived.rar file there.

The final step. Have fun with Farming Simulator mods!

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