Courseplay v 4.01

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About mod:
Run the game Left hotkey CTRL + Delete.

Thomas Gärtner, Satis

8 thoughts on “Courseplay v 4.01

  • phil says:
    2016-11-03 at 13:50

    cant seem to get it to work

  • lehans says:
    2016-11-03 at 14:34

    no work

  • andi says:
    2016-11-03 at 18:31

    so much bugs

  • Bludlok says:
    2016-11-03 at 23:02

    Don’t think this is official – proper version still being worked on by author.

  • Routier60 says:
    2016-11-04 at 08:19

    Ne pas télécharger il ne fonctionne pas correctement attendez la version officielle Voleur de mode à deux balles

    • cloclo says:
      2017-02-17 at 21:13

      moi je né un mais si tu dit pas engager un ouvrier l’argent décent pareil je sais que il y a un qui touche pas a l,argent

  • Konstantinos says:
    2016-11-07 at 16:50

    Too many bugs… Although function unload is implemented on new “i”… The old “o” for unloading bales (wrapped or not), is not yet adjusted. Also causing optical malfunction on driver… FOUR HANDS!!! and many others… Finally breaks totals giant software engine… Wait for the official release… Just a friendly suggestion ☺️

  • Sixty says:
    2016-11-19 at 14:19

    Hi I found a bug in “COURSEPLAY” You Baling hay / grass (hay rounds) When you set the I want to pass along the hay so I pick up the bales of hay but spill ….. it is a bug or I’m doing Something Wicked? There nastavim> array (number) starts and where the direction, work in the fields, and starts nasbiera package is 100% but the downside:( If you know most of what I’m doing wrong so I thank you for your advice / answers

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