Courseplay v 6.03.00052

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About mod:
Version 6.03.00052:
* Bale Collector and Pathfinder fixes (Issue #7014) (#7036)
* Bale Collector checks for obstacles ahead before starting the Pathfinding
* Reverse after Pathfinding fails twice if we are on the Field edge
* Skip Bales loaded by someone else (more than one collector can work on the same Field)
* Added a Buffer to the Bale Size when calculating the target, so the Pathfinder does not detect a collision at the target Bale
* Vehicle and Trailer overlap box positioning for the collision detection fixed, they were off to the back, causing false alarms
* Removed obsolete overlap rectangle check with other vehicles, that was a brain fart, there is no need to do that, the overlapBox does that anyway
* Trailer overlap box is now correctly rotated around the hitch, resulting in better obstacle avoidance with Trailer


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