De Terra Italica Map v 2.0

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About mod:
Version 2.0:
- Fixed sale prices at 0
- Trees replacement for compatibility with the latest Seasons version
- Create new 10 fields
- Fixed terrain corner for Helper use
- Fixed trenches collision
- Fixed animals
- Fixed textures e shape for minor lag in game
- Updated scripts
- Fixed swaths
- Deleted some buildings
- Other minor fixes

Sukaz and MarcoLs

One thought on “De Terra Italica Map v 2.0

  • Mike says:
    2018-03-08 at 02:40

    A lot better than the previous version but there aer still bugs. For example:
    – Not compatible with “Fill Trigger Tools”. Using one at the cows manure will give you infinite manure even if there is none. I haven’t tried it with straw and hay but I suspect it’s the same.
    – The cows cleanliness never falls below 100% if you use the interior feeding area.

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