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About mod:
This Mod brings the Distillery, 6 New Pallets and a Molasses Transporter into play. The Distillery can process wheat, barley, honey, potatoes and sugarcane into schnapps using water and fuel (woodchips, pellets, straw pellets and hay pellets). The products mead, grain, whiskey, vodka and rum, as well as the by products compost and pig feed can be sold at the AgraZ country trade. Empty barrels from barrel production are required for production. The honey can be produced with the honey production. The Mod only works in conjunction with Global Company. Season ready. Some Buildings are courtesy of Lunchbox

Honey Production:
- Capacity: Empty barrels and honey 150000 l / potatoes, sugarcane, wheat and barley 500000 l / woodchips 1000000 l / water 10000000 l / compost and pig feed 750000 l / molasses 30000 l / mead, grain, whiskey, vodka, rum 105000 l
- Price 250000 €

Mead, rum, grain, vodka, whiskey Palette:
- Capacity 5000 liters

Molasses IBC:
- Capacity 2000 liters

Molasses Transporter:
- Capacity 15000 liters
- Price 9500 €


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