Dowland Farm Map v

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About mod:
- Includes four farms, which include a pig farm, cow farm, sheep farm and a contractors farm.
- All crops have visually realistic textures.
- A total of seven sellpoints which allows the user to sell many different types of crops.
- 30 fields Plus 2 Grass Fields
- Moving clouds.
- The map contains areas which include a Lumberyard.
- Includes many animated objects and ambient sounds to make the map feel more lifelike.
- Chopped straw.
- Multi angle terrain
- Seasons Ready.
- Seed Master.
- FarmSilo.
- MixingStation.
- PigFoodMixer.
- Placeable area.

Profarmer40 and Yorkshire Dano

One thought on “Dowland Farm Map v

  • Picatrix777 says:
    2017-08-20 at 11:57

    Doesn’t work properly for season mod as hay and grass are deleted during winter and balling can’t be used as none of the feeding sites for either cows or sheeps, will accept bales of hay or grass.

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