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About mod:
The driveControl-Mod now also extends the LS17 modular with many small functions such as a turn-key configuration and extended functions for the CruiseControl. The Mod consists of modules, which can be individually switched on and off.

The fact that Giants nevertheless one or other function in the LS17 directly took over could I clean up the whole something.

In V4.0, the following modules are included in the driveControl in time for the release:

· Shuttle: shuttle module (reversing circuit)
· SoftGas: Improved throttle / brake for keyboard driver
· CruiseControl: Advanced functions for the cruise control
· ImplementControl: Additional operating options for attaching devices (no device interconnection necessary!)
· FourWDandDifferentials: 4-wheel and differential gear
· ShowNearestFillLevel: Level indicator for the neighboring vehicle
· PipeCam: additional camera for supercharger / thresher / shredder

No longer in the driveControl (and why not):

· ManMotorStart: Integrated in the LS17
· ManMotorKeepTurnedOn: Integrated in the LS17
· GasAndGearLimiter: Helper in the LS17 can be adjusted via cruise control, for manual driving there is the limiter in the cruiseControl as well as the softGas module
· Hourcounter: Integrated in the LS17
· SensibleSteering: Integrated in the LS17 (dead zones for the individual axes can finally be defined in the menu)
· HandBrake: Integrated in the LS17, if only automatically
· InDoorSound: Integrated in the LS17
· DirtModule: Hopefully solved in the LS17 better and no longer necessary
· Camera: FOV is now set centrally, ergo: Integrated in the LS17
· FruitDestruction: from Giants as "Realism Mod" directly with released, ergo: Integrated in the LS17
· FreeSteering: Not applicable because apparently overtakes
· GroundResponse: This is the only module I would have liked to convert, but this was not possible in the bret of time.

You could almost my Giants would have looked at the driveControl actually times.
Modules On / Off and configure

This is all done in the driveControl_config.xml. This is located in the same directory as the log.txt (who does not know where it is located: very quickly find)) and is created by driveControl on the first start of the mod there.


5 thoughts on “Drive Control v 4.0

  • Geert says:
    2016-10-26 at 12:04

    Hi Upsidedown, Giants should send you a big “Thank You Very Much”. Their driving interface is a copy of yours, although yours is far and far better. Congrats, en thanks for your work !

  • congobongo says:
    2016-10-26 at 18:42

    There is problem with mod! everytime I go in train, I can’t switch to other vehicle or press esc to go to menu!!
    Please make better the mod this not good

    • Bob Beerbower says:
      2016-10-26 at 22:36

      I’m having the same problem. I tried deleting the D.C. Config file, and starting a new game with D.C. as the only enabled mod.

      the log is full of errors related to zzz_driveControl/driveControl.lua:123: attempt to call method ‘dCheckModule’ (a nil value). This error is repeated for 50 or more lines. There are no other errors.

      • Bob Beerbower says:
        2016-10-26 at 23:08

        Version 4.02 seems to fix the issue

  • Vnub says:
    2016-10-26 at 21:06

    this mod does not work. When installed only the train. No other possibility’s!

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