Durrenroth Map v 1.0

FS19 mods

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About mod:
The Map is ideal for small to medium sized Machines. All LS19 Functions are built in and made Seasons ready. There are 6 Yards built, almost all Yards have with me to the Animals still an additional task or Function, such as the Fertilizer and Spraying Technique, part of the harvesting Technique or grassland Technique etc. All Farms have the necessary Storage places for Feed and products of land and animal. The Sales and purchase Points designed so that you can not get with every XXL vehicle, just the Map accordingly, rather small. You can find a BGA and can run a small Forestry. Topographically, the Map is hilly, but all Fields should be easy to work on. With the Horses a ride over the Map could be a nice experience. You are in possession of all Pastures, the reason is that they are all fertilizable for this, of course you also have some farmland.

Swissfarmer, Kubo, Lancyboi, ShyWizard, Apuehri, Der Pieti, Dorset, FS-UK, RWModding, BlacksheepModding, NKB Modding, Jendrek, scottryder, robbie_/_rwm

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