Electric Pallet Truck v 1.0

FS19 mods

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About mod:
The Electric Pallet Truck takes on tasks for which an expensive machine would normally have to be bought. It is agile, never needs to be refueled and can move two pallets at once. The "Cargo Lock" configuration adds a device that prevents pallets from getting lost when braking hard. Because of its fork size, the electric pallet truck needs different pallets, that are included in this package. The fillable pallet can carry any kind of bulk goods and can be filled with a combine harvester or a conveyor belt. This mod package also includes a pallet with tension belts to load objects such as small logs. Due to the low offroad mobility of the pallet truck, it should only be used on a flat surface.

- Power 15 hp
- Speed 18 km/h
- Selectable Cargo Lock
- Selectable Design Color
- Choice of Color

Price 1250 €

Vector Man

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