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About mod:

On this Map there are Different Challenges for 4 Teams with 3 Players each.
The following Disciplines are a requirement of the Comunity Event and can be changed as desired

6 Disciplines:

Sprint Race:
– You have to complete a total of 6 laps with your team. A change of driver and refuelling are mandatory every 2 laps, so that everyone gets to it once

Sprint Lawn Mowing:
– In this game you have to produce silage bales with your team (mowing, swatheanding and pressing). You have a time limit of 5 minutes
– The winner is the team with the most pressed silage bales. If there is a tie, the remaining liters in the press count

Obstacle Course:
– You should get as many bales as possible through the course to the finish

Trailer reverse Course:
– Drive your trailer backwards through the concrete labyrinth. The team that makes it the furthest has won

Kür Ploughing:
– Precision counts here. Ploughs neat ploughing lanes within 5 minutes. However, if they are not accurate and flush enough, they are not counted

Rotary Stool Reverse Challenge:
– Drive your rotary stool as far as possible gerade backwards. You have 2 minutes to do it

Version 1.1:
* Small Adjustments to Stations 2 and 5
* modDesc Version changed

Razak - ProjektMecklenburg17

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