Farming Simulator 17 – Mission System

Hey there farmers!

Challenges on the Field

In previous iterations of Farming Simulator, you would come across empty fields that can only be worked on by purchasing them for yourself. This time around, things work a bit differently!


When viewing the details of a for-sale field, you are presented with two options – purchase the field there and then, or work a mission for the current owner – an NPC that you can help out! Their fields will go through their own natural agricultural cycles, and their tasks could involve sowing, fertilizing, harvesting and more! Every single objective is a true agriculture experience




Before starting a job, you’ll be shown all relevant information that you need to complete the mission, including:
  • Payment – Given after successful completion of the mission.
  • Vehicles and equipment – These are required for the task, made available to you for the duration of the mission.
  • Job description – The current field owner will give you a brief of what is required of you.
By pressing ‘Start’, you’ll initiate the mission. Following this, all relevant vehicles and equipment will appear in front of you. Often, these will be too expensive for you to purchase for yourself, making missions a great way to learn how to use them!
These missions are timed, and you will receive bonus rewards based on how long it takes for you to complete the objective. If you are unable to complete the job within the allotted time, you will fail the mission and be unable to collect payment.




Earning Loyalty

If you are able to complete the mission in time, you’ll be given the agreed payment and the speed bonus. As well as this payment, you’ll also earn loyalty with the farmer who owns the field.
The more loyalty you have with a particular farmer, the greater the discount you’ll receive when it comes to buying the property outright. The more missions you take on with each farmer, the more loyalty you’ll earn!
There are many different farmers offering missions in Farming Simulator 17, each with their own unique personalities and jobs available. If you can earn loyalty with all of them, you’ll find it far easier to expand the size of your farm.


Source: Giants Software


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