Farming Simulator 17 mods possible features

Today we want to show considerations about Farming Simulator 2017 mods features, which maybe will be in new version of the game, ex: ground deformation, placeable buildings, more realistic economy, more depth with diary farming and others.


Possible features of FS17 mods and original game:
– irrigation upgrades, that increase harverst amount
– soil chemistry, that makes a field favorable to one crop type, perhaps that wears off over time
– one shot upgrades like having a crop duster spray a field very quickly
– reset area to original condition
– organic option that increases the value of a fruit type
– some damage system to vehicles
– larger map
– more crop, fruit types
– better AI system
– more pedestrians and AI activity in map

What you think, what new feature can be in new FS? What Farming Simulator 17 mods do you want to see? Leave it in comments! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 17 mods possible features

  • JOHN JOLLIFF says:
    2016-03-26 at 17:33

    More Animated animals Horse,Dogs,ducks,geese,more fruits for American maps like to see tractor pulling and truck pulling and animated Fairgrounds in these little country towns like here in America Biggest change i would like to see change is all building on maps that you can use not just a pretty picture make all buildings so you can put equipment in them or store crops in them more church’s with music coming from them when you drive by on your tractor, children play on the playgrounds not empty and on the baseball field in westbridge hills hall them playing ball not just a empty field. Last more mods for XBOX one games to buy and make some for Placeable. thank you john playing Fs2013 and 2015 now for over 6 years

  • Andrew Todd says:
    2016-03-29 at 00:52

    make the layout for adding controllers i.e. Logitech driving force gt more easier to use and using two controllers one for steering and one for using cranes and logging equipment and one set of keys does all implements not individual things very complicated on 2015 version

  • qUENT1 says:
    2016-04-15 at 17:14

    Ajouter des préréglages pour différent controlleurs , (notamment driving force GT°

  • David says:
    2016-06-10 at 05:27

    Hi, what an awesome game! I’ve been playing since its inception. As I’m on Xbox One, I’d like to see more mods, John Deer, Fendt & Class tractors. Maybe some mud affects and some horses thrown in for good measure. I don’t think that’s to much to ask. Thanks for an awesome game and looking forward to the release of FS17!

  • Cody Morgan says:
    2016-06-25 at 11:57

    I’d like to see a crop duster are the helicopter like what was on FS15 on the consoles. Coming from a family that owns a crop dusting business it would be really cool to see. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  • Brian Bever says:
    2016-06-30 at 16:25

    I think there should be mud and you should be able to get stuck and more logging equipment such as a 4 pole trailer and more semi’s would also like to see a skidder from John deer or cat and a new loader suck as a barko

  • poupin says:
    2016-07-07 at 11:09

    Je pense qu’il faudrait aussi des veaux d’engraissement du genre taurillons , aussi des vaches allaitantes porcs, poulets,est puis d’autre marque des tracteur John deere,Case,Fendt,massey,landini linder

  • Michael says:
    2016-07-14 at 13:21

    Can.t wait for farming simulator 2017

  • tommy says:
    2016-09-30 at 15:13

    I would like to see a big giant carwash for tractors, and equipment. Just drive into the carwash from one side and drive out the other and tractor and equipment be clean. Also be able to buy lights on poles so you could place around your field to farm at night. Have all the farm tractor brands, so we could have many more chooses.
    would like to see peanuts, cotton maybe watermelons, and fruit trees and be able to get equipment to gather them. Also more maps added

  • Amanda says:
    2016-10-29 at 21:27

    Horses should be included in farming. Usi,g them to plow the fields, breeding and training to resell as well. Because what’s a farm without horses?

  • Clayton rempel says:
    2016-11-29 at 21:41

    How can we get someone to make a DLC for a crop duster? Specifically an Air Tractor 502B

    These aircraft are popular around the world, I operate 3 of them in Canada.

    They have a great website and if someone would contact the company Air tractor I think they would be interested in having their equipment in the game

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