Farming Simulator 17 Update v 1.4.4

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About mod:
New in this Update:
* Fixed ai worker headland turns
* Fixed ai worker issues with asymmetric tools
* Improved ai worker collision detection
* Fixed multiplayer max. number of ai workers
* Fixed multiplayer grain selling. Earned money will be shared between all players
* Fixed Sosnovka mill fruittypes soybeans, sunflowers and canola
* Minor bug fixes

Giants Software

3 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 17 Update v 1.4.4

  • Darx says:
    2017-03-01 at 23:31

    Anyone updated this? I get that message that fs 17 is not installed. Any suggestion?

  • Cody says:
    2017-03-09 at 04:03

    I was wondering if there will be either a mod or a update that will let you gp into the house on the farm or motels and restaurants to eat and sleep. And I was wondering if someone is going to make a silage bagger mod.

  • Cody says:
    2017-03-09 at 04:07

    And I was also wondering if there will be a update or a mod that will allow you to go to the different farms on the map to custom harvest their crops

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