Farming Simulator 2017 Update 1.3

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About mod:
New in this Update:

* Added camera sensitivity option
* Added global game settings (can be adjusted ingame)
* Improved field mission performance
* Improved animal cleanliness factor influence
* Improved poplar seed usage and crushing output
* Improved display of multiplayer chat messages
* Improved camera with heaps on the ground
* Fixed bunker silos (shovels and other tools not removing material inside walls)
* Fixed loading bunker silos from savegames (compacting level, fermenting state, uncovering)
* Fixed trees falling through ground
* Fixed wood chrusher when bought and used in the same session
* Fixed sowing machine and fertilizer spreaders to allow filling via conveyor belts
* Fixed multiple selling of same vehicle (Direct Selling)
* Fixed loca issues
* Fixed GUI issues (overlaps, money unit update, etc)
* Fixed loading of removed vehicle configurations
* Fixed vehicle issues (graphic issues, triggers, particles)
* Fixed potato sowing machine loading from shovel
* Fixed pickup objects (if player left server)
* Fixed operating time
* Fixed station crane
* Fixed frontloader MP sync
* Fixed animal MP sync
* Fixed placable tree placement on loading (SP and MP)
* Fixed reloading of animated objects
* Fixed animated objects MP sound
* Fixed map issues (terrain, collisions, etc)
* Fixed indoor hud smoothing (RPM, speed)
* Fixed conveyor belt MP textures
* Fixed pickup objects (eggs) on client
* Fixed chainsaw loading warning
* Fixed chat if kicked or banned
* Fixed animal breeding stats saving (Achievements now also be reached when relading a savegame)
* Fixed input collision of GUI interaction and manual motor start
* Fixed animal tutorial triggers
* Fixed handtool selling on dedicated servers
* Fixed placeable MP price
* Fixed combine straw/chopper effect if helper is hired
* Improved multiplayer server selection
* Fixed animal loading to trailer if money is negative
* Fixed Goldhofer trailer on multiplayer clients
* Fixed conveyor belt helper in multiplayer
* Fixed various issues with helpers

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2 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 2017 Update 1.3

  • prass says:
    2016-11-13 at 13:01

    moi j viens de telecharger cet version et je n’ai plus la fenetre d’aide en haut a gauche qui permet d accorcher etc…. pk?

    • mika says:
      2016-11-18 at 08:55

      appuis sur f1 pour la faire réapparaitre.

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