Farming Simulator 2017 Update V 1.4.2

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About mod:
New in this Update:
* Fixed direct sowing machines to work properly with the same fruit
* Fixed helper with the Lemken Solitair 12
* Fixed helper with the Joskin Modulo
* Added color selection in the shop for the Goldhofer STZ-VP 3
* Improved all-wheel steering for the Holmer TerraDos
* Increased overloading speed of Holmer Terra Felis
* Mirrored text on Joskin Tornado
* Fixed trees from placeables and planted trees going invisible when releasing the tension belts at the train
* Fixed reverse sound in multiplayer when turning off the motor
* Fixed log error message in multiplayer (e.g. with Lemken Gigant 10): Validity check failed in TransformGroup_setDirection: Direction is zero
* Fixed log message "Static actor moved" with savegames that have placeable trees
* Seeds and fertilizer trigger now don't close the tool covers automatically
* The farm silo trigger now automatically opens the trailer covers
* Fixed crash when attaching/detaching trees on the train while a vehicle is close
* Increased width of Lely Tigo xr 75 pickup
* Fixed weeder when running over grass windrows (converted them into silage foil)
* PS4/XB1: Fixed crash with the ForReal Ground Response mod (PS4 error code CE-34878-0)
* PS4/XB1: Fixed deactivation of the ForReal mods without fully restarting the game
* Fixed mods dynamically creating pallets (e.g. Fabrikscript)
* Fixed maximum camera rotation for Tobii EyeX (predecessor to Tobii Eye Tracker 4C)

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