FED Productions Pack v 1.5

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About mod:

The Fed Mods pack currently consists of:
– Fertilizer production (manure and liquid manure becomes fertilizer)
– Seed production (from grain such as wheat + fertilizer we seed)
– Fermenter (Grass and/or chaff becomes silage)
– Feed factory (compound feed for cows and feed production for pig feed)
– Refinery (canola or sunflower becomes diesel and pig feed)

Version 1.5:
* New production flour factory with production of wheat flour, rye flour, spelled flour and bran as a by-product
* New production sewage treatment plant where compost and water are produced from waste water, liquid manure and fermentation residues
* New mini production waste water treatment plant, small station where waste water is produced with maintenance
* New production dairy with production of butter, whole milk, cream, cottage cheese and yoghurt, + waste water
* Lumberjack consumption of empty pallets matched to the size of the log pallet
* Brewery bulk goods signs corrected
* Various map hotspot symbols changed to production symbol
* Feed factory can now produce mineral feed from bran, lime and yeast
* Feed factory purchase price increased and silo capacities adjusted
* Fertilizer factory Production of fertilizer through compost possible, silo capacities adjusted
* Fertilizer factory Production of liquid fertilizer from water and fertilizer possible
* Adjusted the capacity of the lumberjack and seed production silo
* Fixed floating barrels at the thermal power station
* Pulp mill now also produces waste water
* Sugar factory now also produces waste water


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