Felsedit Map v 1.2

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About mod:
An edit of Felsbrun Map

- Precision Farming ready by Giants Software
- Maize Plus Forage and Horse Extension ready
- Seasons ready
- 128 Heigh Type Limit
- 32 more Terrain Angle
- 8 Paint Mode Extra, some Deco Foliage, Grass Dense and Bush
- Every Fields edited to resembel more in the Real Life
- Some Fields is made easy to put together (some Trees may be in the way)
- Made completely New PDA Map
- 9 Natural Placement Places.

Main edit:
- Rail System removed
- 2 Sell Point removed
- Castel are removed and even out the Mountain for New Fields
- Sawmill moved to the Harbor in the North
- The Mountain where the Sawmill was, has been even and flatten out for New Fields and Forest Area
- Flatten out the Hill to the East
- Even out every Fields made it less Hilly
- Made a New Sell Point for all Fruits, in the North where the Rail Silo was
- Lowered every Fruit Sell Points Platform closer to the Ground
- Removed 2 Transport Missions
- Adjusted Sound from the River and Birds according to the New Height
- Edited Farmlands according to New Areas
- TipCollision adjusted
- Seasons adjusted
- Dof disabled in Seasons
- ClipDistance reduced
- No Collision Road Sign
- DescVersion 53

Version 1.2:
* Denser Forest Areas
* Lowered some Trees
* Corrected Seasons Template on Cotton
* OIl Slick Decal lowered at Petrol Station East

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