Ferry Pack v 0.1

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About mod:
This is a Pack for Mining & Construction Economy map. The ferry may not be compatible with other maps, because the maps and the ferry need to be adjusted to each other. So if you try use the ferry on other map two things can happen. One the ferry go to the bottom, two the ferry stay much above water level.

This pack contain three mods:
- Ferry
- Augerwagon for ferry
- Special Trailer for carry the ferry

Al_Bundy, josetp, hugotp, lsmoddingtp, gnescher, GTX Mods, Nonnus

One thought on “Ferry Pack v 0.1

  • Dennis says:
    2018-04-13 at 05:17

    I have tried 5 cranes to pick up the chaser bins and none of them can pick them up. I am not sure why. I have watched videos of other people doing it and thought I was doing it wrong, I have even gotten the cranes from the videos and to no avail, I am unable to pick them up.

    Anyone have any fresh ideas I can try?

    Please help

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