Fleur De Lys Map v 1.3

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About mod:
  • Most of the default farm placeables have been slightly modded to improve gameplay and can be renamed and sold
  • Nearly all the fields, headlands and farmlands have been edited to be ai friendly and to suit each farm type
  • There is a second Sawmill southwest of the river with vehicle sheds that will accomodate the large forestry machines, and there are 2 large buyable forestry areas close by with 24m tall spruce
  • There is a train caller with a ramp near the forests to help load the train with logs to sell them in Marisonne
  • 4 flat fenced areas for placeables plus 2 yards for staging forestry machiner
  • BHP and Farm Shop relocate
  • New PDA map and renumbering of fields
  • A multi product sell point seen in game as “Du Champs Mill”

There are 4 farmyard areas on the map which you can activate by buying the farmland:

  • Start Farm – medium size fields – medium animal barns – 3 greenhouses – vehicles
  • South Farm – large size fields – medium animal barns – 3 greenhouses
  • North Farm – large size fields – medium animal barns – 3 greenhouses
  • Northwest Farm – small size fields – no animals – no greenhouses – made for 3m farming

Version 1.3:
* Forestry trees SW correct size
* Farm vehicle sheds now sellable
* Fixed Store items
* Many small tweaks too numerous to list


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