Fliegl Pallet Filling System v Multicolor

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About mod:
With the Fliegl Station you can create pallets like the name, but this is not all that this device can do, bales or BigBags are also possible.

- Selectable Wheels: Standard, Agrar
- Selectable Design: White Decals, Red Decals
- Choice of Color
- Dirt / washable
- Lighting
- Currently, Fill Typen supported: potato, sugarbeet, milk, seeds, fertilizer, pig food, woodchips, silage, straw, grass_windrow, compost, biogas

Brief introduction to machine operation:
1. Disconnect the Fliegl station from the tractor
2. Start the main engine
3. Start the Flieglstation (speed goes up)
4. Switch on the pallet production
5. when pallet full pallet slides are used to push out
6. Insert the pallets slider

Farmer Andy, Ifkonator

2 thoughts on “Fliegl Pallet Filling System v Multicolor

  • zach says:
    2017-01-11 at 17:28

    when you use this to make straw bales it poops them out like crazy if anyone remembers the small square baler in fs15 that made the tiny bales that’s how this one is they only fill to like 1000 L and thats nothing. i haven’t tried it actually making pallets yet but for baling its really really annoying

    • sparkymark1976 says:
      2017-01-12 at 11:49

      bales wont pick up with auto load or baling trailer

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