Frisian March Map v 3.0

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About mod:
Version 3.0:
- New bakery products Baked goods and cakes (sale at supermarkets)
- Pastry and cakes can be stored in the pallet storage
- Hardware store with purchase function for boards, empty pallets and cardboard pallets (Paid with cash boxes)
- Fishing port with production of crabs and fish (raw materials for production are diesel and empty pallets)
- Fish and crabs can be stored in the pallet storage
- All grass fields are now fertilizable (fertilizer manure or manure)
- Compost storage at the fruit farm
- Compost storage in the greenhouses
- Diesel and cooking oil production are separate and now individual factories
- The fruit farms produce something faster fruit

Have been fixed:
- Pellet factory now consumes a little more material
- Sawmill signaling no longer in the door frame
- Forest ground on field 13 removed
- Sawmill Boards palette Digital display now shows all numbers
- Limitation pile in town at water sale is no longer on the street
- Water texture at sewage treatment plant is back
- Flying tree at sawmill and BGA
- Flying bushes with a small grass field
- Flying flower at greenhouse entrance
- Flying chair in the city
- Flying shadow in the sheep
- Flying stone at the port
- Experiment hops growth and fertilizer to fixed
- Digital display of power feeding plant
- Money boxes are slightly lighter
- Pig feeds consumed a little less grain

dani1803, FedActionLetsPlay

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