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Important and interesting information from FarmCon 16 (Farming Simulator conference).

The first lectures are confirmed!
We’re thrilled forward to meet you at the FarmCon but as you surely already know, we offer a full program of lectures for Farming Simulator 17 mods and more. In total there will be about 15 lectures with 12 speakers. On precise timetable we are still working but today we can you already look ahead to some of the confirmed presentations and their speakers.


From Modder for game developers (Emil Drefers)
You spend your time trying to develop mods for a game and these get even top reviews? Obviously you have talent, so why not make the hobby into a career? Sometimes you think lack of contacts did not mind that one even has a foot in the door. Emil Drefers has taken the plunge and tells you how to make the right people pay attention to and what to pay attention to the other side when changing.
Farming Simulator 17 Presentation (Stefan Geiger & Marc Schwegler)
What you want to say here is big? Be there when the Farming Simulator 17 mods is presented to the public for the first time is expected. If the popcorn ready, the game can see live in action and learn more about new features and cars firsthand.
Insight into the development of life (Stefan Geiger & Marc Schwegler)
If one has made the hobby into a profession, does not automatically mean that it is only at the games, because the game wants to be once developed. The larger the team, the special awards are a frequent tasks. What are these tasks? What decisions need to be taken? How do you keep track when the team is getting bigger? And then there’s the deadline! In this presentation you will get an overview of everyday life in a Games Developer Office.
FS17 mods (Manuel Leithner)
Not only for the players brings FS 17 mods new features for mod creators there are lots of news. From changes in the vehicle XMLs, via scripts to shaders. This presentation will show you before the launch of the game, as you let your imagination run wild can soon and the new technology fully exploits.
Conversion FS 15 to FS 17 (Marius Hofmann)
The version change to FS17 also brings several changes to the modding interface with it. To use mods of FS15 in FS17, these need to be adapted in some places. In this presentation, you learn how to make mods for the FS15 FS17 run.
The speakers:
Emil Drefers
Emil Drefers is gameplay programmer at GIANTS Software GmbH. Before joining GIANTS to Zurich early 2014 he had his degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich as a Dipl.-Ing. finished, worked on a variety of mods and twice won the Mod Contest.
Stefan Geiger
Stefan Geiger is the co-founder and CTO of GIANTS Software GmbH. He received a master’s degree in computer science from ETH Zurich, with a focus on visual computing.
Marc Schwegler
Marc Schwegler’s Lead Artist at GIANTS Software and directs the production of Farming Simulator. He’s since 2010 with GIANTS in Zurich and has previously worked at numerous Indie Game projects as a freelancer.
Manuel Leithner
Manuel Leithner’s lead gameplay programmer at GIANTS Software and forwards in Germany office. As he has during his computer science studies also with his FS 17 mod team (SFM) designed and published numerous vehicles, he has a good sense of what’s interesting for novices and professionals.
Marius Hofmann
Marius Hofmann’s QA Engineer at GIANTS Software Entertainment GmbH. As a longtime member of the community he grew in 2014 with the beginning of studying computer science at the University of Bamberg as Working Student a.

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    I can’t wait it… I want to see more forestry abilities in FS17

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