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About mod:
Welcome to the beautiful Gamsting! In the middle of the mountainous region of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, the Gamsting valley is almost entirely cut off from its environment. The idyllic valley surrounded by majestic mountain ranges is inhabited by the humorous citizens of Gamsting. Of the once numerous hermit courtyards with blossoming agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry in this secluded area, there are only two farms remaining. They are now responsible for the management of the entire valley. This applies to supply and manage the village-owned biogas plants, a biomass cogeneration plant and own livestock. The local branches of machine ring, BayWa and the Südzucker AG are the only agricultural partners for the farmers in the region. Nevertheless, the agricultural machinery business and the warehouse offer a wide product assortment. When choosing your farm equipment the mountainous conditions should be considered. With large, bulky devices, even the most experienced farmers will reach their limits. For larger agricultural work the machine ring is at your disposal.


4 thoughts on “Gamsting Map v 1.0

  • asoka says:
    2018-04-29 at 10:21

    Pour l’avoir tester pendant plusieurs heures, superbe maps comme sur le FS15, je suis déçu d’avoir quelque problème avec, les poules sortent du poulailler et traverse le grillage, on me demande de ramasser les oeufs alors qu’il n’y en a aucun (animal notifications), les moutons traverses aussi leur clôture, j’ai 2 moutons qui ont buger au niveau de l’auge et qui ne bouge plus, on me demande de nettoyer leur zone et pareil, rien à nettoyer, je n’ai pas encore tester les vaches et les cochons, j’espère qu’une mise à jour de la maps sera faite rapidement

  • xenon33500 says:
    2018-05-09 at 21:02

    j’adore cette map seule problème on peut pas vendre le bois en rondin 🙁

  • flycatNZ says:
    2018-06-02 at 05:51

    beautiful map, however wool pallets will not spawn in sheep area.

  • Adrenaline Rat says:
    2018-08-18 at 22:50

    Does anyone know if this compatible with the seasons mod?

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