German Town Map v

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About mod:
* Rebuilt all farms for detail, funtionality
* Added sheds
* Added farm support sheds with fuel, seed and fertilizer
* Added workshop with trigger to main farm and hog farm
* Added vehicle reset point to main farm
* Rebuilt all towns for detail, functionality
* Added pedestrians, parked cars, deco items, vegetation, etc.
* Rebuilt all existing sell points for detail, functionality
* Added Feedlot, Hay Farm, Farm Shop, Brewery, Bioheating Plant as sell points
* Moved dairy farm to main farm
* Rebuilt all fields
* Rebuilt entire railroad
* Smoothed out grades
* Added decorations
* Rebuilt all forests for better tree diversity, more detail, etc.
* Added hills to forested areas
* Added all Giants Software trees and bushes, forest grass, rocks, log holders, deco log piles
* Added roads to larger forests
* Added sugar cane, oats, rye, triticale, spelt and millet
* Millet and oats can be fed as protein to pigs
* Rye and triticale can be fed as grain to pigs
* Rebuilt traffic system
* Embedded custom traffic system
* Increased collision distance for cars
* Increased speeds on highways to ~ 90 km/h
* Added more vehicles to traffic
* Added dedicated areas for placeable industries
* Updated Seasons compatibility with custom growth for new crops (Seasons mod required to see this change)
* Updated PDA map
* Repositioned all gold nuggets, some will take some creativity getting to


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