Gold Crest Map edit by Stevie v

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About mod:
* The tip mask has been updated to the Map and all storage heaps
* Areas like the vehicle hangars at the main farm are tip blocked inside
* Heaps no longer overspill, however this also decreases the heaps capacity but there's plenty of room in the map for more placeable storage solutions
* The sheep zone was reworked for better access to the troughs for cleaning
* The cow zone area was reworked
* The main Farm yard was vastly enlarged over v and vehicle reset moved to the edges so placeables can be added
* Jeeb's sell point added to the Map for fruits, windrows and bales
* New access added to the BGA yard with barriers
* New rail crossing and entrance to the sawmill
* BGA tip point adjusted
* Brand new field layout at the farm and an extra grassed field 32 added
* Sawmill trigger adjusted for trailer unloading
* New sawmill and wood trigger added, area with placeable space and is located adjacent the cow zone
* Brand new natural forestry island created, access from the main sawmill yard and up the dirt track
* All Map boundaries pushed back to the edge of the map and new natural forestry areas created giving access to hundreds more trees and many more hours of play to forestry fans
* Several floating trees fixed
* Street lights pulled back away from the road edge
* All new roads and areas added to the PDA Map
* Train control xml files added to the map itself, capacity on wagons increased
* Golden nugget location adjusted where needed due to changes
* More access to free water on the river
* Field ends adjusted further where needed for large equipment
* Map optimised to reduce size
* Pig zone yard adjusted further and storage relocated for better access
* New textures to buildings and bridges
* New area ground detailing added

Giants, Stevie

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