Gold Crest Map edit by Stevie v 1.0

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About mod:
- Edited new larger farm yard
- Storage added at the farm
- Place able yard across from the farm
- Animals moved closer to the farm
- Vehicle reset added to the farm with 2 large load points
- Egg collector added to the farm
- Water, Seeds, Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer and Diesel added to the farm
- New starting equipment added to the map
- Hundreds of trees added
- Access to river water provided but awaiting water transport mod
- Placeable yards also added at the pig zone, cowzone, old cowzone, farm forest near outlook tower, number mill and off the motorway. Vary in size from small to very large
- All field ends have had where possible trees removed and terrain edited to create room from large equipment
- BGA Sunken tip point added
- Exported issues fixed on textures and lumber crane.
- Texture edited
- Shader and alpha blend distances increased from 75 m to 110 m for fruits and terrain. Shaders matched
- PDA and map descriptions updated
- Contracting and missions retained
- The field layout is very restricted in the maps layout
- Expected issues due to the oversized tree collision placed on the trees by giant's you may find floating trees

Giants, Stevie

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